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Ostrich Feathers in Pinedale, CA

Ostrich Nandu is available in 14 dyed colors and available sized 20-26". Nandu are actually Ostrich Spad feathers that have been trimmed into a spear shape. The are very popular for Mardi Gras and Carnival Costumes, masks, and decorations.
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ostrich feathers CaliforniaOstrich Drab Feathers Dyed White
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Contact us for wholesale feathers of all types.Ostrich Spads are a cheap alternative to Drabs and Wing Plumes. As they are, they are not as nice as Ostrich Drabs or Wing Plumes but with some steam and a few snips of the scissors you can shape these feathers to look like long Drabs. Though Spads are sometimes used for centerpieces, we do not recommend them. Ostrich Spads generally run between 20-28". (Sizes Not Separated) Contact us for wholesale feathers of all types.
Ostrich Nandu
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Interested in ostrich feathers ? Ostrich Wing Feathers are the best feathers to use for tower vase centerpieces. Ostrich Wing Feathers are very large and very beautiful. Their quills are about as thick as a pencil and the fibers get up to about 8-10" in length. Ostrich Wing feathers have very thick fibers and droopy tips that hang down when mounted in a tower vase. Most people use between 15 and 25 feathers per centerpiece depending on budget and personal taste. We hand sort and steam all our Wing Plumes to make sure you get only the finest quality for your centerpieces. Long Ostrich Drabs are commonly used as a substitute for Wing Plumes and are also very beautiful, but if you desire the most plush and luxurious look to your centerpieces, Ostrich Wing Feathers are the only choice.
Ostrich Wing Feathers (Plumes)
Ostrich Drabs



Ostrich Drabs are typically much smaller than Wing Plumes. They may look similar but drabs are actually much different. The fibers are shorter and thinner and so are the quills. The tips of Drab feathers below 17" usually don't droop the way a Wing Plume's does. Ostrich Drabs sized 17" and above usually have droopy tips and are very commonly used for tower vase centerpieces. With longer sized Drabs the fibers grow proportionately longer and have a similar effect to Wing Plumes when used in a tower vase setting. Ostrich Drab feathers are available from 10" all the way up to 24".